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Launch Design, Hardware, and Expertise for the New Space Market

The Launch Company

Defy Gravity and Convention.

Hardware & Expertise to Get to Launch Sooner.

Providing Critical Expertise to our Launch Partners

At The Launch Company, we provide critical launch support to get our clients to market faster, safer, and more efficiently.  From conception and early requirements definition, to fluidic GSE systems design, to test/activation procedure development, we support of each part of the launch process. Our portfolio spans small to large vehicles designed to be launched (and landed) from traditional sites, sea and air based platforms.

From the Narrow Cape of Alaska to Cape Canaveral - and many points between, the Launch Company is more than launch GSE and CONOPs design. We have solved build out, deployment, and logistics challenges for our clients. We also provide hands-on, practical support to teams working on special projects outside their mission scope, such as site demolition & advanced recovery operations testing.

The Launch Company understands tight timelines and a need for solutions. Connect with us to set up a consultation, and learn how we can help your team get to launch sooner.

Our team speaks New Space. Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, but serving the entire US, our team is built from veterans of the New Space Industry. We embody the results-oriented, time sensitive scrappiness that bringing a new vehicle to market requires.

Our Services



We are veterans of dozens of launch campaigns. We have designed, built, tested, and operated sites across all three Launch Coasts of the US - and operated off of the coast by sea and air.

We provide expertise from early conception trade studies, to site sourcing, all the way through design, deployment, and activation.


Fittings Hardware

Old Aerospace moves slow and is expensive. At TLC, we saw the opportunity to develop a line of Quick Disconnect fittings that are available on demand - not six months from now - so you can qualify your engines, stages, and interfaces sooner. We offer slip, single checking, and dual checking fittings ranging from low to high pressure and down to cryogenic service.


Special Projects

Launching a rocket comes with many unique challenges, including those outside the scope of work you planned for. Whether you need to test and validate a system for recovering flight hardware off the coast, or remove a Space Shuttle era tower from your new site, we've been there - let us help you out.



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