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What sets the Launch Company apart is our unique approach - we're located in the Alaska, known as the Last Frontier. Outside of aerospace, our team has worked on challenging engineering problems, in remote areas, with few resources, and less time. These skills translate perfectly for our New Space clients who want to build things faster, cheaper, and have them work the first time; not pursue science-project style tinkering. If there's a way we can help your team execute on a one-off special project or design study, contact us and let's get the conversation started.


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Owner & ceo

Ben Kellie, MSME

Ben Kellie is CEO & Owner of The Launch Company. Ben has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from University of Alaska Fairbanks, as well as an M.S. in mechanical engineering from the Ohio State University.  Before returning to Alaska, Ben worked in rocketry at SpaceX, designing and operating launch sites, and ran the first missions to return a first stage from orbit. Ben also owns K2 Dronotics, which operates drones around remote Alaska to help with mapping, inspections, and other work.


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Design and test engineer

Rick Miller, P.E.

Rick Miller is a registered professional mechanical engineer living in Anchorage, Alaska. He specializes in industrial design and manufacturing of The Launch Company’s QD fittings, and supports the fluids design and project development for ongoing Launch site projects. Rick has 8 years of engineering experience and 15 years of construction experience, with valuable project management experience. Rick enjoys working on difficult design, build and logistics challenges.