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Special Projects

Last Frontier Meets Final Frontier.

Something Always Comes Up.

The fun thing about working in the New Space arena is that something always comes up to throw a wrench in the works. And if it isn't something, then it's something else. Solving these challenges quickly, safely, and with minimal impact to operations is how the Launch Company got started. We have spent nearly a decade solving big challenges for our clients that are outside their core focus, allowing them to stay focused on their mission while the problem is solved in parallel.

We've been fortunate to help clients solve big challenges - from safe demolition of relics of past programs, only feet from where the new launch mount was going in, to deploying & testing specialized recovery systems, to taking a critical piece of hardware from blank sheet to tested & installed in eight weeks when a vendor couldn't meet schedule.

What sets the Launch Company apart is our unique approach - we're located in the Alaska, known as the Last Frontier. Outside of aerospace, our team has worked on challenging engineering problems, in remote areas, with few resources, and less time. These skills translate perfectly for our New Space clients who want to build things faster, cheaper, and have them work the first time; not pursue science-project style tinkering. If there's a way we can help your team execute on a one-off special project or design study, contact us and let's get the conversation started.