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Launch Design, Hardware, and Expertise for the New Space Market

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Areas of Expertise:

Define your Launch Requirements

You know your vehicle. We know what it will take to launch it. Starting with a set of requirements, even if a bit fuzzy, will help us define the rest of the site and how it will operate.



The Launch Company started by developing fluid systems for ground support equipment on launch sites on land, sea, and air. It remains our bread-and-butter. We've worked on design, analysis, parts selection, packaging, and deployment for all fluids systems found on a launch pad.

Shipping, deployment, & Logistics Support

Many small launch vehicles are opting for low-infrastructure, rapidly deployable launch sites for quick response to customer needs. We help design these containerized sites and work closely with logistics companies to get them shipped, setup, and ensure commodities are on schedule.


What challenges in your operation can we identify early and design around? We can help add resiliency to your CONOPs and design to a working solution from the start.

Design of Custom hardware

We’ve developed specialized hardware for launch companies, ranging from acoustic water nozzles to test fixtures to our line of quick disconnect fittings. We have a full analysis package spanning CAD, FEA, CFD, and vibrational modeling allowing us to couple our experience with the latest in design tech.

Launch Field Team Support

We’ve served as Launch Engineer Field Support for multiple launch campaigns across multiple clients and sites, including Red Team Lead for both launch and landing operations. Our extensive field experience, real time troubleshooting capability, and tested leadership have been big assets for our clients navigating early launch attempts.

Trade Studies

Whether you are planning to launch from land, sea, or air, we’ll develop ground support systems for your vehicle. We’ve run trades & design studies for each type of launch configuration.


Activation & TEST Procedure development

Once you have GSE, you need to ensure that it meets spec. Our team has years of experience writing activation procedures to safely bring your equipment online, as well as the test procedures needed to qualify the equipment ready for deployment.

Project Management

We manage projects, big & small, for clients ranging from design projects, hardware manufacturing, demolition, all the way to barge building. All the while ensuring that schedule, budget, and human resources are managed properly. Our wide experience working across the New Space sector allows us to tackle even the most complex, changing project landscape.