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A New Approach for New Space.

Rethinking Aerospace Hardware.

Whether on the ground or on the vehicle, New Space companies want hardware that is lightweight, short lead time, and purpose-designed for a new generation of launch. We have always provided this ethos in our design & project management services, but now we are extending it to hardware.

We are changing the way hardware for launch vehicles is developed.

While working on for our clients to select hardware for their systems, we became frustrated with the current state of Quick Disconnects on the market. We found no aerospace-grade, off-the-shelf, fittings that were readily available and designed with New Space in mind. Instead, we found custom design projects, with 26 week lead times, and flight-side weights better suited to a heavy-lift vehicle.

So we jumped. We purpose designed our line of Quick Disconnects, which are the fly-off fittings that mesh where launch vehicle meets ground system. Featuring triple-redundant seals; material compatibility ranging from hydrocarbons, to cryogenics, to pyrophorics; operating pressure ranges up to 10,000 psi, and ASME B31.1 compliance. These fittings are perfect for launch sites, test stands, or any other place where fluids systems need to be simply & reliably mated.

Our line of quick disconnects spans 1/2" nominal up to 2" nominal, though other sizes are available on request. We offer slip fittings, dual-side checking fittings, and single-side checking fittings on either the flight or ground side. Both cryogenic & standard operating temperatures are available, and lines up to 10,000 psi operating pressure.

We have full cutsheets, analysis & test data available for review. Contact us to discuss your need & how our QD's can help streamline your fluids interfaces.